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Get to know Just Strangers better in 2019

Just Strangers stopped into Studio Blanket/Tent Fort to kick off the new year with the pair of old local music nerds. With their electrifying (although acoustic) version of music they call Wild Prairie Mountain Folk Rock and I call fantastic, they knew how to make 2019 kick off with a bang.

Featuring Sarah and Zach Holliday along with Rodney Whaley, Just Strangers becomes far-from-that faster than it takes to play two bars of a song. With quick wit, quicker smiles and punk rock meets bluegrass tempos, their music covers some great ground. They make some raw, real modern Americana music worth a listen. A secret track recorded for the show called "Get Rhythm" could be considered an ideal example.

What a wild ride! Take a trip with the band and Steve-O on harmonica as they roar through a Billie Joe Shaver classic: •Just Strangers — "Georgia on a Fast Train" —

Recording the band's first album begins this month "at an undisclosed location," according to Whaley. Zach Holliday said the tough part is narrowing down the track list but recording is hoped to be completed by February. Sarah Holliday called the endeavor "super ambitious."

"It's all set up and ready to rock and roll," Whaley said. "We've got quite a few things (songs); we're going to build a fire and record some music."

If you tuned into Thursday's show, you heard the album's lead single premiere. Recorded live in Studio Blanket/Tent Fort, "Justify the Drinkin'" is a statement track for this band. It sums up their sound as well as can be done in around 3 minutes. 

"Justify the Drinkin'" comes from Sarah Holliday first having the idea to "write the worst country song of all time." When it was completed, it became the exact opposite. That's the way of Just Strangers: you start in one direction and end up somewhere much better. 

When asked what drew them to music and continues to influence, the Hollidays deferred to Whaley, who answered with his inimitable style: “Gospel and everything that contradicts it. Music chose me. It’s been the navigator on one hell of a ride."

Keep up with the band via, their Facebook page and other online platforms. After playing some shows before and on New Year's Eve, the trio is looking to make its mark this year on the live music circuit. If nothing else, you can for sure enjoy their March 16 set during Park Stomp at the hometown stage in Medicine Park. 

* * * 

Seven Springs Sound made an announcement for the new year that's pretty exciting. The studio, 1011 S. Sheridan, is now in a business alliance and partnership with a fellow local multimedia company, Intertribal Vision Unlimited.

The local recording studio/publishing house put out a statement via Facebook over the weekend: "We are grateful to owners, Travis and Chistie Komahcheet for this wonderful opportunity, and especially their friendship. With this we'd like to introduce the new web site for our joint affiliate company, Intertribal Vision Powered by Seven Springs Sound."

* * *

Monday night's New Year's Eve live music lineup around Lawton was pretty choice for fans of many genres. Local heroes Backwash dusted off the instruments and invoked a pretty great time with their set to ring in 2019. A fan-friendly performance, the long-time favorites kicked up the energy and hit it out of the park with the assistance of Jason Santina filling in on the bass guitar for Josh Katvala who was out of town for the holiday.

It's a good sign for the year to come when these musicians are turning up the volume and playing to an audience. Here's to more of a good thing.

* * *

Just Strangers' visit to Studio Blanket/Tent Fort for ”Today’s Best Soundemonium!” with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist turned into a real chucklefest. It's a pretty grand way to start off a new year.

Jokey moved over and let Sarah Holliday offer up this week’s joke set-up. Here’s the punchline:

“The swallow.'”

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