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'Forza Horizon 4' redefines racing genre for consoles

Forza Horizon 4” has redefined the racing genre.

Developer Playground Games took the foundation established with “Forza Horizon 3,” improved upon it in almost every way, packed it with even more content than imaginable and shipped the premier racing game of the console generation. If you purchase just one racing game in the near future, forget “Need for Speed,” don’t bother with “Grand Turismo,” look past the already impressive “Forza Motorsport 7” and give a long, hard look at “Forza Horizon 4.” You won’t be disappointed.

Playground brings the “Horizon” racing event to the United Kingdom with its newest entry. Admittedly, what few there are in the game and their writing is pretty bad. Anytime some “cool” dude or gal from the Horizon event takes over the game to start talking or explaining different aspects, it’s pretty easy to simply check out and try to block the horrible, cringe-worthy voice acting from your ears. Thankfully, those instances are few and far in between once you get deeper into the game and start unlocking additional cars and activities.

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