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"Flyin'" Bryan Fosters sings with 6-string blues

Guitarist extraordinaire Bryan Foster stopped into Studio Blanket/Tent Fort for this week's edition of "Today's Best Soundemonium!" with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist. If you're a fan of his YouTube channel, you may know him as "Flyin' Bryan." It's fitting because he can make a Fender guitar soar.

With over a quarter-century of honing his skill as a blues guitarist, he's influenced by all the right usual suspects: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and Albert King. Man, can he play.

Check out this cut from the show: • Bryan Foster — "Blues Jam #65" —

Here's an improv composition between Foster and the DJ: • Bryan Foster & Steve-O —

Another track, "Stretchy String Bent Out of Tune Blues" will be showing up on next week's Magical Autumnal Mix Tape Part 2. It's special. 

Foster said a friend turned him onto SRV as a teen and the "Texas Flood" was overwhelming. "I was actually listening to rap back then," he said. "It kind of changed me in a big way."

Foster got his first Fender guitar and played. When he was ready to take a stage at a jam session, he said he felt ready. Unfortunately, a new set of strings for the guitar and inexperience offered a life lesson.

"I didn't know about stretching my strings," Foster said. "I got five or six note in and bent a note and the string went completely out of tune. But I didn't give up, I kept on going."

Able to drop from rock, to blues and countries in the matter of a lick, Foster's shared his talents as part of Dannie Carson and The Storm, Zero Casualties and currently with The Casey Abbe Band. His lead work on that eponymous album is stellar. Just don't put him in front of a microphone.

"I don't sing," Foster said, followed by a laugh. "I can play in front of 1,000 people and feel completely comfortable but if they put a mic in front me I freeze."

That's OK, give him one of his Fender Stratocasters (he has five), his amp and pedal board and Foster will compose on the fly. His abilities gained him notice in Rentiesville, home of the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame. Selby Minner invited him to play the main stage at this year's Dusk 'til Dawn Blues Festival and he made the most of it. "That's a real honor," he said.

You can catch Foster in action with his mates in The Casey Abbe Band Saturday at the Fletcher Street Fair. You can also find a lot of cool video of him at his Flyin' Bryan YouTube page and on his personal Facebook page.

* * *

Friday night kicks off the beginning of something cool if you're a musician in search of a spotlight, enjoy live music and love a good place to listen that has some tasty bar-b-que.

Robinson's Landing Marina & BBQ, north side of Lake Lawtonka, 1 mile west of Ann's Country Kitchen, is kicking off its monthly 2nd Friday Open Mic hosted by singer/songwriter Dave Laurence.

You have to give it up to proprietor Mike Cowing for supporting live music and those who make it. First at Medicine Park's Gone Fishin', he created a home for some of the best local sounds around and carried it forward to Outlaw Bar-B-Que. Now he's at Lake Lawtonka but the tradition remains the same.

* * *

Last weekend saw the return of local heavy metal heroes DeadCore and Cavigold Records' Everybody Panic! for a momentous show at the Railhead Saloon. 

A 6-piece band offers a lot of moving parts and DeadCore has made its reputation moving its parts with precision to make some challenging and entertaining music. With band members all living their lives and many working in other projects, it's a special occasion when they take the local stage these days. With last week's show, they haven't missed a beat and are in top shape with this lineup. They need to get in the studio ASAP and trap this musical genie in a bottle.

Oklahoma City's Everybody Panic! has been making its name with several high profile festival sets across the country and are still riding the hype from a well-received set at this year's Rocklahoma where they were one of the openers for A Perfect Circle. It's been awhile since the band played Lawton. With Provo Provenzano's opening guitar chords and singer Ty Gay's almost opening prayer: "Pretty soon we're all going to die ... what matters are the moments between" invoked the best from his bandmates and receptive audience. Gay referenced the night's openers Locust Grove, Devil Theory and DeadCore, as well as his bandmates and the fans: "Thank you to all the bands for sacrificing your lives to make music." The closing track "Last Goodbye" was far more a celebration than farewell. They'll be putting a new CD out in early 2019 and, judging by what they've done, it's going to go some great places. 

* * *

Foster's talent and wit made for a fun edition of "Today's Best Soundemonium!" with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist. He's got the chops to be a great one.

Jokey played it to the bone for this week's joke set-up. Here's the punchline:

"Anywhere as long as it's a hip joint."

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