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Favorite multiplayer shooter game may be released this fall

One of the most popular multiplayer shooters of the last console generation may make a return this fall. 

Listings for "Cod MW2 Remastered" on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One appeared Friday on Amazon Italy for the cost of 19.99 Euros, which amounts to about $25. Both listings and the storefront pages remained live throughout the day, adding credence to the idea that publisher Activision is moving forward with a remaster of "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2." Smaller games from large publishers are often leaked on digital storefronts before the publisher is prepared to make an announcement. 

When "Modern Warfare 2" released in 2009, it was backed by one of the largest marketing campaigns in video game history at the time and a wave of hype and anticipation that hadn't been seen since "Halo 3" two years prior. That anticipation was fueled by the ever-growing popularity of "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare," which essentially began the dominance of the "Call of Duty" franchise in the console first-person shooter space. Even as the franchise continues to put up double-digit-million sales figures each year, it's kind of hard to remember how huge of an event the release of that game was. It became the largest entertainment launch in history, though it would later be surpassed by "Call of Duty Black Ops." 

Rumors have swirled for several months that Activision was working on a remaster of "Modern Warfare 2," though there was never any actual proof. But this new release might not be the great nostalgic return for which many have hoped. Classic "Call of Duty" fans were also fiercely anticipated the return of "Modern Warfare" two years ago, when it was released in a special edition of "Call of Duty Infinite Warfare." Activision wasn't confident in how well its venture into deep space would fare, so a remake of a much-loved classic would certainly move units. Despite a string of comments to the contrary, "Modern Warfare Remastered" was later released as a stand-alone. Its population didn't hold when players discovered that the classic, stripped-down multiplayer that everyone looked back upon with fondness was now filled with the modern blight of microtransactions, loot boxes and unbalanced weapons that were only available by purchase with real money. 

The careful balance that made "Modern Warfare" such a modern classic  no pun intended  was cast aside in favor of trying to make another buck off a middling remaster attempt. The new version did not fare well and people essentially abandoned "Modern Warfare Remastered" for one of the other "Call of Duty" titles or simply jumped ship to a different experience. 

Two years later, there's a chance Activision might have learned from its mistake. While balance defined the original "Modern Warfare," it was the unbalanced absolute anarchy that made its sequel so much fun to play. Original developer Infinity Ward went out of its way to throw everything, including the nuclear-radiated kitchen sink, into the game with stackable kill streaks, overpowered rifles and perks that, if combined properly, could allow players to slide 10 or 15 feet across a map to stab someone with a combat knife. Dual 1887 shotguns with a riot shield encompassed the unbalanced, unbridled insanity that became "Modern Warfare 2"  and people loved it. 

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