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About Face: Erway prepares to exhibit portraiture

Greg Erway was visiting a friend when a painting hanging on the wall caught his eye. He found himself drawn to it. Mesmerized by it. It was a simple landscape, done by an amateur artist, and yet there it was displayed with all the honor and glory of a masterwork.

Erway could tell that, more than likely, the painting was done by someone his friend knew. Sure enough, when he posed the question, he found out it had been painted by a relative. It was a turning point for Erway, who had long dreamed of becoming an artist.

“I just thought, man, I’ve always wanted to do this. If I could do this and just have it hanging in my bedroom, I’d be happy,” Erway said.

Eight years later, Erway’s work has grown well beyond the walls of his bedroom. Currently, he has work for sale at the Native Hippy, in Lawton, on display at The Monterey Chapel of Allied Arts, in Durant, and he is currently preparing for the opening of a new exhibition, About Face, at Southwestern Medical Center’s Pride Gallery.

When Erway met Diana Brown, curator of the Pride Gallery, in 2018, he was fresh off of his first ever exhibition at the Native Hippy. Brown told Erway that she had to have his work in the gallery. Unfortunately, she was booked up for the next couple of years. But, as luck would have it, one of those scheduled artists had to pull out.

“Diana contacted me sometime around May of this year and asked me if I could be ready for a show by Aug.1. I said absolutely.”

Erway doesn’t consider himself a full-time artist, but he spends most of his free time in his studio painting. So he was up to the challenge of putting an exhibition together on a short deadline.

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