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‘Unbound’ theme of senior art show

As May approaches, college seniors are preparing for graduation. Some are taking comprehensive exams, others are writing senior research papers or turning in portfolios. But for Cameron University's senior Art majors, graduation means preparing and executing a professional art show at a local gallery.

The show serves as the final project for the Art capstone course, and will take place at the Leslie Powell Gallery Saturday through April 27 with an opening night reception at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Each year, the graduating seniors from the Art program work diligently to put the gallery show together, from picking out catering for the reception, sending out invitations to choosing the theme that will represent the collective body of work.

This year, the students participating in the show chose the theme "Unbound."

According to Le'Shondre Higdon, one of the seniors participating in the show, the theme captures the spirit of individuality that defines the group. 

"Everybody is very, very different from each other," Higdon said. "So we thought the best way to do it was to say we are unbound. Everybody is going in their own direction, everybody is freely expressing themselves. I think unbound expresses everyone in their own way."

Higdon, who paints in water color and oils, also works in graphic design. She is anxious for her first show.

"It's all new to me. It's really different. When it's over I can breathe again. I've been building my own frames, and making my own labels. Trying to save money as much as I can while putting the finishing touching on my painting and assembling my book for graphic design."

Not all of the students are new to gallery shows. Jake Baker, who is concentrating in painting, has participated in a statewide, juried art exhibition in Oklahoma City. Kristi Smith, who is also in the painting concentration, has participated in at least three other showsincluding a solo show at the university's Sciences Complex. Smith said that she didn't feel nervous about the show itself, but was anxious to start hanging her work in the gallery.

"We haven't hung our pieces, so I'm nervous about that," Smith said. "I need to make sure everything's measured correctly."

The show will include a variety of artworks in a wide range of media: oil paintings of different sizes; prints including linocuts and drypoints, watercolor paintings; a wide variety of sculpture; graphic design works in digital media; mixed media artworks; and graphite, charcoal, conte and pastel drawings.

One of the unique styles that will be on display is Glory-Anne Dore's work with acrylics on cardboard. 

"Cardboard is easy and accessible," Dore said. "I like working with the texture. I wrinkle it up and try to get the crinkles in the cardboard, so when I paint it brings out more of the texture."

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