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‘The Pillowman’ is here to make you squirm — and laugh

In the original version of “Little Red Riding Hood” by the Brothers Grimm, the wolf is killed when his stomach is filled with rocks and sewn shut with green wire. It’s a dark ending to what is, these days, an innocuous fairy tale. But anyone who has read the original versions of fairy tales can attest to the fact that their modern counterparts are nowhere near as gruesome.

“The Pillowman,” which premiered this weekend through Blue Moon Productions and continues Friday and Saturday, is a dark comedy that harkens back to the macabre tone of the Grimms’ original fairy tales. The Academy Award-winning Irish playwright, Martin McDonagh, has confessed in interviews that he was inspired to write “The Pillowman” because he wanted to recreate these kinds of tales in a modern context.

Byron Phillips, who is directing Blue Moon’s production of “The Pillowman,” said the show is “strange, dark and hard to explain.”

“The basic setting is a writer who is being held inside of an interrogation room by two detectives … he is being interrogated because there are things in his writing that are happening out in the real world, so they’re trying to find out what the connection is,” Phillips said.

Anything beyond that is a spoiler that audiences will just have to come to the show and find out for themselves, according to Phillips.

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