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We need to move Lawton forward, not back to the 1960s

Dear Editor,

Growing up, I used to hear my parents talk about “ginners,” These were people who automatically were “a-gin” something primarily because they didn’t understand it or want to understand it.

Sadly, I am witnessing two “ginners” on the City Council, Dwight Tanner and Caleb Davis, who seem to always be acting in concert with each other. I have read in your paper reports about them being against the First Street Public Safety Building, which is badly needed, and numerous other efforts by the city to increase the attractiveness in trying to bring other businesses and industries to our city.

In an article in the Sept. 18 paper regarding the resignation of City Manager Ihler, it was pointed out that the “ginners” had been having “problems” with him for several weeks and blaming him for all sorts of problems with contractors.

One “ginner”, Caleb Davis, did not like the consent agenda when all he had to do was read it and try to understand it. There are many other examples of the “ginners” and their efforts that are too numerous to mention here.

I appears to me that the “ginners” would like to see Lawton’s government revert back to where it was in the 1960s before the City Charter and the power was in the hands of the mayor.

I would hope that they would stop and think about what they are doing and how it is reflecting on the city. We don’t need to go back 50 years. We need to move forward. With the “ginners” in power, this will never happen.


Jerry P. Orr


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