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We need to move forward in a direction that's truly American

Dear Editor:

Thank you, The Lawton Constitution and staff, for printing my letter. I had my doubts.

I thought I would start a conversation about where we are in this country and our democracy. Let's try again.

Russia, are you listening? They were and didn't use the back door or try to hide it. Made the call then went right in the front door and strolled to the elevator.

Had a meeting with the top dogs, but daddy didn't know? Huh?

How about walking out of Fifth Avenue and shooting someone. Would you still be loved? Really?

Pay-offs for silence. The Trump Foundation — family piggy bank. I think that's called fraud. The Trump University — sham.

I thought it was a violation for a sitting President to use the Oval Office to make money. The Don's done it from day one, and is still going strong.

The White House has a new name — the bank of Trump. Maybe we do need to see his tax return. Oh, that's right, he doesn't pay taxes. He's "smart."

As the warlock roundup goes forward, more to come and closer to home for the Don's. The Don's "above the law, can do no wrong, arrogant mouth" is all the testimony we need. A crime is still a crime even if you are President.

As the room grows smaller and lights start to flicker and the noose tightens, have the EMTs ready with a defibrillator and/or strait jacket ready to go.

We need to move forward in a direction that's truly American. Let's start with the Golden Rule. We need to work together.

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall" is as true today as it ever was. We are on the wrong path and this has to change.

Together, let's make the states united again. Your vote can do it.

Allen Corey

Lawton-Fort Sill

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