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We must invest in Lawton

Dear Editor:

I read The Constitution’s editorial on Tuesday, June 13, and went to the special city council meeting last week. Like Oliver Wendel Holmes’, you’re a minority opinion. 

The issue was a battle of the Chamber of Commerce and all it has done for economic development and those opposed — us vs. them.

Councilman Dwight Tanner may be a bit of a firebrand, but I think his voice of urging change — like the editorial — is right. Lawton, the population numbers say, is in trouble. That the council needs to think differently with new eyes.

But there was an answer that could be implemented. Why not float a huge bond issue like Oklahoma City to change Lawton’s trajectory? Councilman Robert Morford, D.D.S., said that it would take millions. Tanner told me that the money from the current Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) program would be through in four to five years. Do a bond issue that would pick up steam as the CIP ends.

The most important ingredient is how to sell it. Develop city-owned industrial land, based on the needs of the nation. It appears that land is there and water is plentiful from wells, according to Tanner.

What is needed are millions of dollars and creative thought on what to do. That would get a yes from voters. This may already be in the works, but I didn’t hear about it at the meeting.

Craig Downing


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