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Waiting on the thunder

My hometown of Beaumont in southeast Texas had a number of freshwater canals and ponds. Just behind the home I grew up in is a large field that, as inquisitive and gullible youngsters we used to explore. It happens to also be the location of The Spindletop oil field, where a world-changing deposit of oil was discovered on Jan. 10, 1901.

This field had a huge fresh water canal and a massive storm sewer we affectionately named “The Cement Ditch” in addition to several ponds of varying sizes and depths. These canals, storm sewers and ponds were excellent habitats for Macrochelys temminckii, more commonly referred to as The Alligator Snapping Turtle.

It has been reported that one of these creatures reached an incredible 250 pounds! These are intimidating and formidable creatures that possess extremely powerful jaw strength. The local legend we lived with, because our parents said so, held that if one of these fearsome creatures were able to snap down on you, they would not let go until it thundered. We were terrified and therefore we avoided these guys at all costs, especially on cloudy days.

There are a lot of people who hold on to something, or allow something to hold on to them, far too long and as a result they are continually burdened by the additional emotional weight. The emotional weight can be destructive.

Some of the things people hold onto are when they were treated harshly by someone close, when they were unjustly targeted at the workplace, when they were treated as an outcast, the times they were picked on by their peers, jilted and many more instances that were beyond control. The damage is often considerable and last until a change is initiated.

Let it go or make it let go of you.

The alligator snapping turtle does not need a clap of thunder in order to let go. What the turtle needs is enough of the focused energies sufficient to inform the turtle that holding on is a really bad idea. Anyone can let go or make something let go of them by making a decision and moving on. You don’t need to wait any longer. Just let it go!

Dennis Wade is President and Publisher of The Lawton Constitution.

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