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Vote, Vote, Vote.

To the Editor:

I see some Fox (fake) news-watchers and Kool-Aid drinkers have come out. I am listening, are you?

Did you miss where all the President’s warlocks are dropping like flies, including his fixer?

Your guy has already been implicated for campaign violations. The next step is the tower and it won’t be to kiss his ring.

If you or I had used a charity or foundation for a piggy bank we would be in trouble. We will know more about this after the investigation, charges pending.

If you or I mislead the IRS, we would be in trouble. Let’s see his tax return.

If you need to know about the Golden Rule, it’s not hard to find. If you want to treat people the way he does, that’s on you.

If you think the Don stands up for you, sit down and pour out your Kool-Aid. The only person he stands for is himself. How many lies do you need to hear?

How much snake oil do you need? Do you want to buy a bridge? It’s in Brooklyn.

Do you want your President to hold hands and fall in love with the dictators of the world? You know, the ones who don’t have freedom of speech, freedom of the press or free elections.

They have no regard for human rights or human life where if you want to play you better pay. I don’t. The ones that the Don praises and admires and wants to be like.

I’m tired of this. How some can be blind and deaf to what’s happening is mind-bending.

If I’m the egg-faced crow eater, I will dine on the courthouse steps, but I still won’t drink the Kool-Aid. Where will you eat? I already know what you want to drink.

Vote, Vote, Vote.

Allen Corey
Lawton/Fort Sill

To the Editor:

I have been a Democrat all my life. Now, I will never, ever vote for another Democrat in any election for local, state, or federal office thanks to the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh by the Senate Democrats and so many others. Anybody still a Democrat then believes in the unjust accusation of Brett Kavanaugh by a person with no credibility and who could not name a date or place where she claimed this incident 36 years ago happened. Even the accuser's 3 supposed collaborators wouldn't substantiate her story. The Democrats and lots of other people viewed him as guilty in a case that would never go to court, in most instances, because of lack of verifiable evidence.

Walter Byers
Comanche, OK

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