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Today, we live in an entitlement generation

Dear Editor:
I don’t know why, but growing up on social programs was shameful. When I was 15-16, my mom dictated to me, ‘’If a man don’t work, a man don’t eat!’’ 

My mom dictated the value of work. The more I worked, the more I paid taxes, the more I paid into Social Security. 

President Obama said kids can stay on their parents’ healthcare until age 27. My mom never had health care! I ended up taking care of my mom, and if I could do it all over again, I would! 

Today, we live in an entitlement generation. My mom has passed. I never felt my mom owed it to me to send me to college. 

Today, I suffer PTSD. One Thanksgiving, my mom and I only had a pot of coffee. My mom said, ‘’No one could appreciate a cup of coffee like us!’’ I appreciate my mom dictating me the Word of God! 

Today, when I vote for what my government can do for me, my society becomes a dictatorship. President Kennedy said, ‘’Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’’ To be a truly free society, you must work and dictate your own life. Don’t expect to live off mom or dad or Uncle Sam! Once you think entitled, you become narcissistic, and society becomes a dictatorship. 

My girlfriend Tammy adds she’s not entitled to me to love her, but God created her to be a helpmate! 

God Bless freedom in America and freedom in Christ! 



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