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First thing in the morning, as I prepare for the day, I lay in bed and talk to God. Sometimes I thank Him and other times I ask for His guidance and intervention with whatever I am facing in life. Then, I enjoy my coffee. Next, I read The Lawton Constitution and watch the morning news with KSWO-TV.

It’s that simple. God, coffee and local news. All are important in order to start my day and do the things I hope to do. Certainly coffee is not important, but it’s a habit I enjoy. Truthfully I enjoy it too much, as coffee is a weakness. God is certainly important, the most important of all things. The habit of watching the local news and reading the local paper is important to me. I believe it’s important to stay current on the news, locally and nationally. I try hard to read the paper daily, and watch the news in the morning, early evening and before I go to sleep. I also use social media. I use it to communicate and engage with my large family and friends in Kentucky, Ohio and Florida. I actually try to give social media up from time to time, but as soon as I think I am ready, I hear from an old friend and think I need to stay online a little longer.

My love for watching the news and reading the paper is a learned behavior. My parents were adamant we read the local paper, and we watch the local news. My friend, Isabel, knows when we travel I will be online reading The Constitution and pulling up my KSWO-TV app daily. She knows I need my news time. But the reality is that I also use the local paper for much more. I look at the advertisements, read the obituaries, check local events, and read the commentaries. My husband reads all of the same, but he must read the comics. My daughter asks that we save the paper so she can have the coupons. She has been known to save lots of money with the coupons. She is awesome at working to stretch her budget, largely through the use of coupons. When the babies were in diapers the Sunday paper was a budget must. In fact, I think Carrie, and friends Brooke and Debbie should teach a class on how to coupon like a pro. So if you subscribe to the paper for nothing else, the coupons and the corresponding savings is enough of a reason.

As far as the local news, it’s a must if you want to stay informed. As well, if you want to reach my husband by promoting an event, or sharing information about a business, the best way is through KSWO, the local paper or the local radio. He is not a social media fan, but you can bet he reads the paper daily, listens to local radio, and watches the news at 6:00 a.m., 4:00 or 5:00, 6:00 p.m. and again at 10:00 p.m. It’s a part of his daily activities. As we talk to many friends, we know most in our age group read the paper, watch the local news, and listens to the local radio for their news and information.

From the Chamber perspective, we know local news and advertisements are important for our economy. I am not sure many would argue that newspaper reading, watching local television, and listening to local radio is not a good habit, especially if you are trying to help advocate and support local businesses. It has been said that people who frequently read newspapers are more likely to be reading books, novels and also try out new establishments. Reading the local paper, watching the local news and listening to the radio helps us move outside the narrow zone of our personal affairs. As well, being active readers and listeners keeps us updated on events, sales and can provide up to date information about our economy, politics, trade, business, world affairs, international issues, sports, and entertainment.

So if you want to know more about the importance of communication, the changes we are facing with communication and the impact it has on our businesses, I encourage you to consider coming to our March Chamber of Commerce luncheon, the State of Communication. Regardless of how you get your news, it’s important to understand the challenges media faces as they try diligently to meet our needs both in business and with our entertainment.

I am excited to share we will have three professionals in the business discussing communication challenges and opportunities March 14 as part of our monthly lunch series. Again, please join us and don’t forget to call Sharleen at (580) 355-3541 to register.

— Brenda Spencer Ragland is President and CEO of the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce.

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