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Reader: Lawton needs a 24/7 veterinary hospital 

Dear Editor,
Lawton has roughly 96,000-97,000 people living here, along with 10 or more veterinary clinics. With a town this size, it would be practical to have a 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital. Oklahoma City is the nearest town that has 24-hour emergency animal hospitals. A few weeks ago, I had a medical emergency with one of my dogs. It was a Sunday. I called my regular vet and was told they were not taking emergency calls that day and referred me to an Oklahoma City emergency veterinary hospital. I called another vet and was told they were not taking emergency calls until after 2 p.m. 

Animals, just like people, get sick or hurt after 5 p.m. and on weekends. Emergency veterinary care is an expense. It can cost $300 up front just for the emergency vet call. This does not include any care or medications. The average person cannot afford that up-front cost, plus the cost of the care. I totally understand veterinarians working all week and then having to be on emergency call. I’m not criticizing the veterinarians in Lawton and the work they do. I’m pointing out why Lawton needs a 24-hour emergency animal hospital. 

Unfortunately, my dog did not make it. If I would have had the option of taking her to a 24-hour emergency animal hospital in Lawton instead of wasting time trying to find a vet on emergency call, she might have had a better chance.

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