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Players want to protest? Pay for airtime.

Dear Editor:

During the last NFL football season, a debate regarding the practice of taking a knee during our National Anthem became national news, and continues to plague the airways again this year. 

I believe in The First Amendment, as all Americans should. However, there is a time and place for everything. I have listened to all the pros and cons about this situation, and feel the main issue has not been addressed. During my hours at work, I am obliged to follow certain rules and regulations set down by my employer. I am sure he would not appreciate it if I were to express my adverse feelings while any of his costumers were present. 

To my knowledge, football players do not pay a single dime for the television air time and are paid handsomely to do their job. If they would like to express their personal opinions to the masses, I suggest that they pay for their own air time, or reimburse whoever is. 

If I wanted to express my opinions I would have to do the same. With all their celebrity, I’m sure the networks would work out a good deal for them.

Warren Karr


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