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Party chairman: Want to vote Republican? Register as one

Dear Editor:
Why doesn’t the Oklahoma Republican Party allow registered Independents to vote in their primary?  For the same reason, the Baptists don’t let the Methodists vote on who their pastor will be.  For the same reason the Rotarians don’t let the Lions vote on who their president will be. It’s just common sense that only bona fide members of the Party influence who the Party nominee is. Only voters who are registered Republican should be involved in selecting the standard bearer for the Party in the general election. Allowing people to vote in Party primaries who will not align with the Party in registration creates the potential for ‘party crashing.” That is where an organized attempt to sabotage the selection of the nominee is done by those who are not members of the Party. They vote for the weaker candidate, insuring their ‘real choice’ wins in the general election. 

The reason the Oklahoma Democrat Party chose to allow Independents to vote in their primaries is because they are losing the registration battle in the Sooner state. In the last decade, nearly 200,000 more Oklahomans have registered Republican over Democrat. In order to stop the bleeding, Democrats reached out to the 15 percent of Oklahoma voters registered independent (316,000) and said “come vote in our primary.” They are hoping that will motivate the independents to stay in the D column come general election. The decision is the right of the Democrat Party leadership, but it doesn’t make it right. The purpose of a primary is to select the Party’s choice to run in the general election. If a voter wants to have a vote in the Republican primary, they should register Republican. 

Steve Fair
4th District Chairman
Oklahoma Republican Party

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