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Our little girl got married

Our little girl got married. We first met when she was 5 and I was not. I was considerably older and was falling deeply in love with her beautiful and remarkable Mother.

After a short while, I fell in love with her with, the kind of love that only God truly understands.

She grew in every facet of her life, and I was blessed to be a part of that growth. Sure, there were many times when her growth took on the character of a curse, and not so much a blessing. But she was more and more mine as time and life moved on.

There was the day when, as a little girl, she declared she was ready to learn how to ride a bike. And knowing her as well as her Mother and I did, we knew we were expected to drop everything and teach her how. We did just that.

There was the time she declared she wanted to play on a baseball team. I promptly purchased a right-size and colorful baseball glove, and was prepared to begin the basics training process — Dad to Daughter. However, a potentially promising baseball career was derailed when she announced that she was not going to join a team, because there was an unacceptable possibility that she might not like the uniform colors!

There was the time when, after a seven-hour ride in a mini-van to see my desperately ill mother, she walked in, sat on the floor in front of my mother, laid her head in mother’s lap and wept. All of the other children were outside playing. She was not.

There are too many experiences to detail here. Most are really positive and wonderfully remembered.

Over time and life, I learned she has a will as strong as a charging rhinoceros, and a heart as big as a full moon.

Our little girl is unique and not just because she is ours, but because she is ours. She inherited many of her Mother’s finer qualities, and some not so much. These — and the qualities she built because of life’s experiences — make her unique to us and to many, many others.

Some of that uniqueness was manifest when, even as a young child, she called her Mother “Norma” as often as she called her Mommy.

We knew she was not being disrespectful — she was just being Adrienne.

She grew up into a very impressive professional. She has a really great professional teacher, me!

She is dedicated to her faith, family, friends, pets and very impressive new husband.

We are proud to have Christopher as our new Son.

Our little girl getting married is one of our defining moments. We are defined by these occasions because we have dedicated our energies to get to where we are. This we deserve.

We are proud parents and proud inlaws.

Our little girl is married!

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