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Mr. Lyons, we’re a republic, not a democracy

Dear Editor:

You’re publishing a newspaper in the smack-dab middle of “flyovers” in a very Republican state. Hillary gave us an “ID,” based on her values: “Irredeemable Deplorables.” Yet your Friday column by Gene Lyons, “A nation of many, represented by few,” is so far left it went into zero count.

Gene derides us for not being “democratic,” that the majority should rule. We’re not a democracy, but a democratic republic, ensuring large populous states cannot overrun other states. Gene quotes H.L. Mencken: those who do not agree with California, New York, and other highly populated areas [Chicago and District of Columbia, too?] are in “cow states.” I’m in a cow state with very different values. We flyovers keep the coasts in check and the Constitution intact.

Among other issues, Gene promotes gun control. I have a satirical parallel proposal: We ban knives in American homes after the recent horrific stabbings of six children and three adults at a 3-year-old’s birthday party in Boise, Idaho. In the interest of security, we need a national discussion on banning just butcher knives or steak knives, too.

Our problems aren’t guns, but people from broken families, dummied-down educational systems, and dependency-inducing welfare for able-bodied Americans that promotes unrealistic, developmentally-harmful senses of entitlement. Our crumbling society that has walked away from our Christian-Judeo values leads to people not taking responsibility for their actions, increased mental illness, and random violent acts that paralyze American hearts. Our security is in danger of immigration run amok. (An immigration analogy: If your house were flooding, would you pump water out first, or cut off the water source first?) Legal immigrants should come in, in a controlled system — like in other nations.

Gene speculates about the negative impact of the soon-to-change Supreme Court: Roe vs Wade overturned, gay rights taken away by the religious, and the elimination of “elite universities,” diversity programs (Obama’s presidential edict with Federal dollars tied to his standards). The Supreme Court’s job is to uphold the Constitution. Individual states should have the right to limit abortions, all have the right to religious freedom, and Asians and others should not be discriminated against for admission to public universities.

God bless and keep us cowpokes, the Constitution, and America!   

Pat Hollis

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