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Make your voice heard in today’s primaries

A total of 1,431 of 52,688 — or 2.7 percent of Comanche County registered voters — cast ballots last week in the in-person, absentee balloting in Oklahoma’s primary elections.

The main event is today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., when the remainder of residents who did not request mail-in paper absentee ballots will make their choices.

Did you save your June 17 Sunday Constitution Primary Election Guide? If so, you might want to refresh your memory about who is running. It is full of information about candidates who will appear on today’s ballot. It outlined the important plans each candidate wants to implement if elected.

This is an election with many offices and many candidates. Members of the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian parties have candidates. The county’s 9,882 independent voters (not affiliated with a party) may request a Democratic Party primary ballot.

Statewide, 794 people filed for office, including five congressional seats, governor, lieutenant governor, all elected state department heads, state representatives, state senators and local courthouse officials. 

The low in-person absentee voter turnout was a bit disappointing. The election board has always had a site at the county courthouse, but added a second site at Elgin. Officials said they expected more in Elgin, and the media did its job getting out the message.

There is a statewide question resulting from an initiative petition on the ballot, too. S.Q. 778 would authorize expanded use of medical marijuana in the state with a permission slip from a doctor. Over the last week or so, both sides have been fired up about it. Supporters and opponents have made their cases.

In addition, Caddo, Cotton and Jackson county voters will have propositions concerning the sale of alcohol and 3.2 beer, which is expected to disappear from the store shelves and restaurants in October in those counties if propositions fail. Today is the day for the electorate to have its say. Candidates have gone the extra mile to inform voters, and they desperately want to avoid runoff primaries in August. To do so, a candidate has to receive 50 percent plus one vote.

Get out and cast your ballot today and your normal voting precinct. Page 4A of The Sunday Constitution contained a list of polling places. Please vote today. 

The forecast calls for blue skies, 99-degree weather and sunshine.

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