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Love your enemies

To the Editor,

Sunday was my birthday. I don’t need anyone reminding me how old I am. I have a bladder that does that! 

We read about so much wrong about our world/society. As I get older, I learn not to take life too serious. My girlfriend Tammy told me, ‘’Always go to other’s funerals or they won’t go to yours!’’ God blessed me with her, because I’m a late bloomer/developmentally disabled. 

I’m not very smart. Why? Like Walter Williams wrote, ‘’You can’t trust the experts.’’ I’m the Proverbs 30:2 man! On this birthday, I wish my first word was ‘’Quote’’ so my last word could be ‘’Unquote!’’ 

Jesus said to love your enemies. With your enemies laughing, how can they hate you to death? 


Todd E. Padgett


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