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Keeping Lawton clean and neat is crucial to the local economy

Dear Editor,

In order for Lawton to grow and prosper, we have to make Lawton more visible. Everybody can help with that, and we do not have to sit idle and see deterioration. A few simple steps are to keep your grass cut, pick up litter on your property, and keep a neat appearance of your home or business. These simple steps do not cost money, but makes Lawton so much more attractive.

New businesses want to see pride in a community. By seeing houses not taken care of and untidy appearances, they will not be very motivated to locate here. It shows them that people do not invest in their properties and homes and tenants are not held accountable to upkeep and beautify their home. 

Conclusion: these people will not spend money at their business, so why should they come here? It also shows that there is no pride in the way you live and carry yourself, and the example you set for your children.

Realtors can help with the rise and fall of a city. If they own  rental property, why not pick a tenant who can keep up good curb appeal and add a little beauty to the house? Or, you can speed up the downfall by not caring who you rent to. Not everybody is suitable to live in a house if they do not want to do the minor things mentioned above and are more suitable to occupy an apartment with no worry about lawn care, etc. Realtors hurt a whole neighborhood and themselves by choosing the wrong tenant. An untidy dwelling decreases the property value of that area, and  houses do not fetch as much money as they could, and the landlord don’t get as much rent as he could. Nice houses, nice neighborhood = more rent, higher resale value. 

Looking at that and low wages makes a person move stock and barrel and get out since their money, hard work and pride for their city is not appreciated.

Maggie Bibbs


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