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If you can’t reach, get a taller ladder

There are times when things are just too good not to share, and this in one of those times. 

The basis of this discourse is a friend telling me, regarding a new endeavor I had just embarked on; “You will either make it happen with what you are given, or find a way to make it happen.” 

Herein lies a pretty simple illustration to a not-so-simple problem. 

While standing at a distance and watching the glass cleaner person from inside the building, I suddenly realized that the top part of the window was shielded from my view. I saw the glass cleaner person diligently applying window cleaning stuff. So far, so good. 

Because I was interested and because I was paying for the cleaning, and mostly because I really like clean windows, I moved in for a closer look. The windows were clean — almost. The very top, perhaps 20 percent of every window, was not being cleaned. From inside, you could not see that top portion unless you moved closer to the window. The ceiling was obstructing my view.

The ladder the window cleaner was using was good enough to reach most of the window, but not good enough to reach all of the window. “Good enough never is.” 

What should have happened, is that the window cleaning person should have notified whomever was in charge and made them aware of the problem — “My ladder won’t reach.” — instead of moving along, doing 80 percent of a job, despite being paid 100 percent. 

Every job you do has your signature on it! Don’t do a job 80 percent of the way, when you can get what you need and do a job 100 percent of the way. Doing a job partially without asking for the help you need is unacceptable. 

Once you get the help, get the job done expeditiously, accurately and completely.

If you can’t reach, get a taller ladder.

Dennis Wade is the president and publisher of The Lawton Constitution. He can be reached at

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