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I play golf & I sit in recliners

I play golf. I don’t play very well, mainly because I don’t play enough golf and because golf is a challenging sport. Consider that a 2-foot putt on the green counts as much as a 300-yard drive off the tee. When you consider that, you probably realize why I don’t play more golf. I do love the game.

I enjoy playing golf and watching golf on TV. These TV golfers, both genders, are very good. In fact, they are great. They make watching golf really interesting.

In my earlier years, I would rather have had a root canal without anesthesia than to watch any golf on TV. Back then I didn’t have the time or the interest or the patience. Now I watch golf on a really big TV screen and with the quality of image, the golf is more pleasurable because the courses the pros play on are in their very best condition.

The winners are always scoring below par. Below par is a place I have never been. In golf, the lowest score wins. Were it otherwise, I would be on the pro tour and you could watch me on Sunday afternoon.

I get to sit in a really big recliner and after reclining a bit, three dogs join me: one big, one medium and one small, all mutts. We each have our places and we always sit in the same place. Kind of like church, same seat or pew every service.

I sit down and one by one they jump up and join in. I throw a blanket over all of the canine companions, independent of the temperature. They start to make dog sleeping noises and occasionally release a vapor that I understand may damage the ozone layer. Whatever happens, I cannot move.

Every now and then, the cat will mosey by and take an indiscriminate swipe at whatever dog part he can reach. Sometimes they sleep through the Felis catus assault, other times they all start barking, jump off the recliner and run off in different directions. The cat is unfazed.

You’ve got to admire that about cats, but that is for another day and another writing.

So, I sit in my oversize and very crowed recliner and watch golf. The dogs sleep. Golf doesn’t generate the same vocal response from me as football does, so we sit in virtual silence. There is an occasional; “wow what a great shot”, but nothing like what happens when the Zebras (football referees) make a totally dumb call against my team.

Now that Tiger is back in, millions more will be watching golf on TV, just like me. Like Tiger or not, he is great for the sport and perhaps the greatest player ever. I like Tiger.

TIP: If your goal is to play golf well, you must do two primary things; 1. Play a lot of golf. 2. Play with better golfers and don’t watch too much golf on TV.

Dennis Wade is President and Publisher of The Lawton Constitution.

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