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Great service matters most

There are great reasons you must deliver great service. Great service helps to produce great employees and great employees produce great clients. 

Ultimately, all sustainable business is built upon relationships. Trust is the foundation for all relationships and high-quality service is the ultimate competitive advantage to enhancing and securing the relationships you need to maintain and grow your business. Once you have established that you are trustworthy and get the commitment from the customer, you can then go to work providing exceptional and continually improving service.

Today, anyone can do business with anyone, anywhere with the stroke of a keyboard or on a telephone. When doing business this way, the impersonal compromise of the human element is a result.  When we are not “pressing the flesh,” we really don’t get to know people. To really know someone, you must get in front of them and invest time learning from them, and purposely, learn stuff about them.

People are clients and customers and they deserve to be treated like the very people who are paying your bills, because they are. Passionate, sincere and high-quality service is the most effective method to build lasting relationships, and it is often the easiest and least costly commitment you can make. 

Great service is more often than not ignored. Bad service can cut so deeply that the victim will go to great lengths to share the unpleasant experience with others and the feelings last a long time. The damage can be permanent because the cut of bad service is so deep that the customer is not interested in taking another chance. They simply take their business and their money to your competition. 

Great service means that once a problem is identified, you will move quickly to acknowledge, take ownership and resolve. Great service is the best competitive advantage, and it is completely within your control. 

If you don’t provide the service your customer deserves, your competition can and will.

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