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First of 2 primaries generated smiles, tears, what-ifs and campaign sign trash

Congratulations to all of the winners in Tuesday’s primaries, and best of luck to those candidates who will be in a runoff in two months.

To the runners up — some by close margins — we know it’s tough, especially to the incumbents and others who worked hard. Rejection is tough, but maybe your message or platform just wasn’t as clear as it could have been. Or, maybe your opponent outspent you. Maybe you just didn’t shake enough hands, knock on enough doors. An analysis is worth your time.

But don’t use money as an excuse. A 14- term congressman lost in Queens County, New York. He outraised his female opponent 10-to-1. Sometimes, the repetitive messages are just tuned out. Maybe it’s the year of woman in politics. In some cases, voters said it’s time for a change.

The community thanks all of you for becoming candidates. We appreciate having as choice when we are handed a ballot. We thank the family members for the sacrifices made, family functions and church gatherings missed, etc., and the investment in time, money and effort for your candidate. Don’t get discouraged. One candidate ran three times and won this time by a handful of votes.

For some of you, the margins were in credibly close. In the Comanche County District 3, Democratic primary race, the margin was 24 votes more for Kerry Givens over Randy Bass in 14 precincts, or 1.7 votes per precinct.

There is no doubt the the marijuana question turned out the voters in Oklahoma’s 77 counties. It passed handily. Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday said she planned to meet with legislative leaders to adopt implementation regulations. It would appear the legislators have 30 days write rules for issuing marijuana licenses.

It’s on to the August runoff primary, and then the general election in November. Candidates, if you are out of the running, please go get your campaign signs.

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