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Facts show Trump is doing a good job

Dear Editor,
In response to an anti-Trump letter in the Sept.12 Constitution, I would offer the following.
Clearly, Mr. Corey is watching to much CBS, NBS, and ABS (Pun intended). Just because they don't talk about it, doesn't mean it hasn't or isn't happening.
Facts: The GDP is 4.2%. Unemployment across the board (black, hispanic, Asian) is down. Consumer confidence at all-time highs.  Small business confidence is at highs not seen since 1983. Jobs available exceed workers that need them. North Korea is on the path to denuclearization. Russia, Iran, and others are facing massive sanctions. American manufacturing is up. The only "collusion" found so far leads directly to the Hillary Clinton campaign.
As to possibly the worst president taking credit for this rebound, more BS. He strangled American businesses, he pumped 4 trillion newly printed dollars into the economy mostly, benefitting the so-called poor. Why work when you get paid for not working?
Stick to facts, sir, not lies and innuendo.
Monty Shows

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