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Editor’s Annapolis commentary doesn’t tell the whole story

Dear Editor:

In reading your commentary in the Opinion section of Sunday’s newspaper, I was disappointed in the information you left out of your first paragraph. The deranged gunman, Jarrod Ramos, was a loner who had a long-standing feud with the Capitol Gazette going back to July of 2011. As far as we know, he wasn’t someone who decided, on a whim, or for political reasons, to take out the “evil media” for “just doing their jobs.”  

Your second paragraph intimates the shooting at the newspaper happened because Ramos’ vitriol was egged on by the current political climate. The evidence, as reported in other papers, points to the former reason, not the latter. By leaving out the above information, you have shown a bias that provides justification for readers to doubt your honesty in reporting. 

While I do not consider you, or any member of the media, evil, I wonder if you have done yourself a disservice by withholding information to justify your point. This is the very reason why many people have a hard time believing journalists and have gone to opinion-driven websites, and TV shows to get their “news.”  

Also, the fact that you “have yet to meet a journalist who doesn’t have a heart of gold” only shows favoritism for those who work in your field. However, it’s good that you disagree with others about punctuation and other matters, but are you willing to call them out, in writing, when they have printed a distortion of the truth?

Greg Morris

Editor’s response:
Opinion pieces aren’t intended to rehash every detail of a news event. The assailant was mad at a newspaper, which is not uncommon. It is uncommon to commit murder for that reason.

You jumbled together “evil media” (two words from the 12th paragraph) with “just doing their jobs” (four words from the first paragraph), and added “for” in the middle (a word I intentionally didn’t use) to create an out-of-context statement I didn’t make, against which you proceeded to argue. 

I’m OK with folks disagreeing with my opinions, assuming they are actually my opinions. - JB

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