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Columnist shows bias toward Republican gubernatorial candidates

Dear Editor:

In the State View editorial in the Sunday Lawton Constitution, Kent Bush of the Shawnee News-Star suggests that candidates for lieutenant governor should be elected on a single ballot, instead of running independently. That issue will be decided in the November General Election, when SQ798 will be on the ballot.

In propounding his argument, Mr. Bush mentions by name both Mick Cornett and Kevin Stitt, who are subject to a run-off for the Republican nomination for Governor on August 28. Did Drew Edmondson (who won the Democratic nomination for Governor in June) fall into a black hole?  

Failure to include Mr. Edmondson implies that he is not considered a viable choice, and therefore not worthy of mention. It propagates an editorial bias, wittingly or not, toward the Republican candidate, whoever that might turn out to be after the August run-off. It’s as though we shouldn’t bother to be interested in whom Mr. Edmondson might have chosen as his lieutenant governor running mate as an insight into his “mindset and character.”

Mr. Edmondson deserves better than that both from the Shawnee News-Star and from The Lawton Constitution.

Frantzie Couch


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