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‘Military Moment’ commercials are good, but need to be less frequent

Dear Editor:

I have issues with the current TV commercials called “A Military Moment,” narrated by Retired Gen. Baxter. 

The commercials themselves are informative, short and well presented. TV 7 and affiliated cable channels run these commercials 24 hours a day. My problem with the commercials are the frequency in which they are aired. 

[Friday] night on cable Channel 50, the July “Military Moment” commercial aired eight times in 30 minutes.  Combined with the repetition are the dozen or so channels on which they are being aired. Airing these commercials to the point of making watchers look for a mute button, defeats the intent of airing them. 

These month-long commercials ensures you that you have to endure the entire month of hundreds of this same repetitive annoyance. I’m sure I’m not the only person grabbing that TV control to mute it. 

Jim Robertson


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