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‘I am thinking’ is better than ‘I think’

Thinking is underutilized. 

My best thinking is done when I walk around the office as if I am in a daze. The wheels are almost always turning, so the dazed look is well deserved and hard earned. When, during this process, I come to some conclusion, the dazed look disappears, and I am back to digging and doing. 

I really should do more thinking in an environment where people don’t view me as milling around. Maybe I am sending the wrong message because I am not in the figurative ditch, feverishly digging. But the process of thinking is extremely valuable and productive. When I think, I can (hopefully) come to reasonable conclusions and make a decision to either draw a line or get help. Either way, thinking usually leads me to some meaningful action, and discourages the ready-aim-fire, knee-jerk reaction. 

A good and successful friend of mine goes in an hour early, every day, just so he can think. Thinking is underutilized, “I think” is over-utilized.

Here at The Lawton Constitution and in other operations I have led, I teach that there is room for opinions in our business discussions, but not much. What you think is rarely helpful. What you know is invaluable. 

People really don’t care what you think, and I am high on that list. People care deeply about what you know, supported by what you can prove. 

Sure, people will be nice and considerate when you express your opinions, but they have their limits. So don’t waste their time or yours.

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