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When requesting an item from the library, please keep in mind:

        1. There is a search fee, $5 and for every page over one is a dollar per-page.

        2. You must have the date (at least the month and year) any wider of a date range
             will not be accepted.

        3. If you need these copies for legal reasons you must state that in your request.
            This make your page count higher, and certain things must be printed.

        4. Microfiche film is where most of the past editions of the paper are archived. This
            means some things will be blurry, hard to read, or dark. We will try to make requests
            nice as possible.

        5. Also concerning microfiche film, it is very time consuming, to check through one
            month of film it takes over an hour. So requests may take time.

The Lawton Constitution

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