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Outlaw Barbecue opens to expand into community

MEDICINE PARK  Mike Cowing's barbecue is back.

The Gone Fishin' owner started offering a selection of barbecue meals at the cobblestone community bait shop, but couldn't keep up with demand during the tourist months. And when the tourism season died, so did business. Cowing saw an opportunity to expand his barbecue business when a building became available along the highway that leads to Medicine Park from Interstate 44. 

"You know, it would get colder and things would really slow down," he said. "We wanted to get a place where we could offer barbecue year-round."

The quaint restaurant  23485 Oklahoma 49  offers brisket, pulled pork, ribs, hot links, sausage and pork loin.The meat is all smoked outside on a daily basis with pure wood smokers. Customers can smell the food cooking before they enter the restaurant. The meat comes fresh from the smokers and can be eaten dry or with one of two types of barbecue sauce. Customers can choose between meats for meals or sandwiches with a complement of eight sides, including deviled eggs  a personal favorite of Cowing's  and bacon-wrapped stuffed peppers. 

"You don't see many restaurants that offer those around here," he said. "We wanted to ensure we had something a little different."

Cowing spent 20 years as a contractor, with much of that time spent cooking. He's always wanted to get into the restaurant business, he said. So to offer something different in Medicine Park, he added barbecue to his Gone Fishin' business. But his heart was always set on having his own restaurant. Now that it's open, he's begun adding more attractions to bring people in, including an 82-inch high-definition television to watch sports and other events and a music area with bands scheduled weekly.

"I wanted to get open and get a feel of the area before doing anything too big," he said. "Music was a big thing at Gone Fishin', so that's something we wanted to incorporate here."

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