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Lawton businesses team up to provide fuel for military vehicles

When replacements for the venerable Humvees arrive at Fort Sill, some Lawton businesses will have played a small role in the process.

The Marine Corps and Army have begun purchasing new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) produced by Oshkosh Defense. The JLTV will replace Humvees  which have been military workhorses for 30 years  in front-line use.

Mark Glenn, president of Glenn Oil Co. in Lawton, said the company that's testing the engines in the JLTV needed JAA fuel because the military is moving to a single fuel for tactical vehicles.

JAA is a fuel normally available only for civil aviation use that has additives required for military use. It's not produced commercially; instead, the additives are supplied at the point of use. According to Army documents, the benefit of using JAA is "to reduce the price of fuel and simplify the logistics of obtaining the fuel used by (continental U.S.) installations by allowing for Jet A fuel to be pulled off multiproduct pipelines."

Glenn said the Defense Logistics Agency needed to provide fuel to the engine testers but couldn't find a source that would supply the fuel quickly. There was no supplier at hand.

Fort Sill had the JAA fuel, but the agency needed a way to move the fuel from Southwest Oklahoma to California.

You can't just have FedEx pick up some jet fuel and haul it to California. (Actually, you can, but more on that later.)

The small lots would have to be moved into barrels by someone with the facilities to package it and with a hazardous materials license. The barrels had to have labels spelling out exactly what's in the barrels. There had to be a way to transfer the barrels to a transport company with the ability to haul the fuel.

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