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Avoid drinking the presidential Kool-Aid

Dear Editor: 
It is time for all Americans to come to the aid of their country. You too, Congress. It is time to show that the Constitution matters, that the Bill of Rights matters, that the rule of law matters, that people matter — all people matter.

It seems our “comrade” in chief hired the “best” and “brightest” “good fellows” from the block. Not to mention the deals with major oligarch Russian businessmen. It seems like there is a laundromat at the tower. No witches yet, just warlocks. The winner so far is his “bro” Vlad.

What is your level of tolerance for a narcissistic, hypercritical, bully liar? The Don’s about to lie when his lips start to move. The only fake news comes from a twit from the top.

Your voice is your vote!

Warning: avoid any liquid with the Trump label on it, especially the Kool-Aid.

Allen Corey
Lawton-Fort Sill

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