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More filmmakers not from Hollywood

DUNCAN  If a filmmaker were to make a film about filmmaking, filming might just as well be centered in Oklahoma as anywhere else.
And the key scene might quite conceivably play out at the Trail Dance Film Festival.
Such a scenario would have seemed ludicrous in the past, when filmmakers and filmmaking were very much tethered to Hollywood, but the landscape has changed drastically in the entertainment world in recent years. Just ask filmmakers like James Christopher of Austin, Texas, a writer, director and partner in a company called Twitchy Dolphin Flix, who makes his living making films very much outside the sphere of influence of Hollywood.
Christopher is among many non-California based people in the film industry visiting Duncan this weekend for the Trail Dance Film Festival. His company's entry, "Goin' Guerrilla," ironically, is about a filmmaker who has met with success using a tried-and-true Hollywood formula  the typical college sex romp  but who declares war on the industry, charges headlong into the world of independent filmmaking and discovers in the end a new sense of who he is.
"It's all about finding yourself," said Christopher, 37.
"Goin' Guerrilla" is Christopher's eighth film in seven years. Twitchy Dolphin Flix hasn't turned out a home run like "Gravity," but it has hit singles enough to stay in the game, he said. Though he'd like to be involved with a blockbuster, Christopher said he's happy working within the new reality of filmmaking. At the same time mainstream Hollywood is in decline, he said many people are finding new and different paths to success.
"Our goal is to make movies in Austin on our own terms," he said.
Though Hollywood productions still have the inside track on reaching audiences on a wide scale, Christopher said Twitchy Dolphin Flix productions all have been picked up for distribution on one scale or another. He said he likes coming to the Trail Dance Film Festival  now in its eighth year  not only to meet up with friends in the industry but also to network and potentially create new opportunities to make movies and make money making movies.

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