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Duncan youngsters go on journey through human body during show

DUNCAN  Kids at Mark Twain Elementary School burrowed into a big brain this week.

They also investigated intestines and marveled at a mouth with titanic teeth and a tremendous tongue.

The journey the youngsters embarked upon through the human body was just a part of their introduction to the Farm to You road show developed by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension. It's meant to help kids make connections between what farmers do, how food makes its way to their tables and how what they eat is important to their health.

"This is a good time to bring it to them because at this age they're beginning to make choices that are going to develop into habits," said Brandon Miller, the program's coordinator.

About 180 youngsters passed through nine learning stations set up in their school's gym. Some older local 4-H students, like Treasure Gibbs, and adult volunteers acted as tour guides, teaching the boys and girls about things like where milk and eggs come from and how to make smart choices about food, exercise and hygiene. 

At one point, first-grader Corben Cash found himself learning how to milk a fake, yet imposing, lifelike cow. At another station, second-grader Presten Benton found himself using a brush the size of one of his shoes to clean one of the gargantuan molars. Inside the "intestines" station, kindergartner Treyvon Jones raised his hand to answer a question posed about how a person's body gets nutrients it needs from foods like grains, fruit and vegetables.

Later, it seemed to be a no-brainer for first-grader Zack Patman when he was asked about his favorite part of the tour.

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