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Rep. Don Armes, R-FaxonRep. Ann Coody, R-LawtonRep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush

Armes, Coody introduce 32 bills

Bills range from wind energy to variety of school-related issues
Two Lawton-area members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives plan to introduce 32 bills for the legislative session that begins Feb. 3.
They are:
Rep. Don Armes,  R-Faxon
HB 3344: Under sales tax exemptions for estate auction sales on the sales of tangible personal property, specifies an exemption when such items were subject to the tax levied by the Oklahoma sales tax code in a previous sales transaction.
HB 3345: Under Oklahoma real estate code, modifies the definition of a real estate broker to include anyone who engages in property management of real estate for another; defines property management as the act of managing real estate for another, under specific activities.
HB 3346: Under Consumer Credit Act, modifies provisions related to disclosures and the Consumer Credit Protection Act, by deleting provisions for administrator powers; specifies that he/she shall enforce the disclosure provision of the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act; deletes some specific duties for the administrator.
HB 3347: Modifies definitions under motor vehicle statutes for all-terrain vehicles, to specify vehicles that have a width of 50 inches or less and recreational off-highway vehicles to include vehicles with a width of 65 inches or less.
HB 3348: Under wind energy provisions, amends definitions and regulations for anemometer (a device that measures and records wind speed); specifies anemometer towers that are 50 feet or higher must be painted, marked and flagged under specific provisions.
HB 3349: Clarifies language in the Oklahoma Environmental Quality Act.
HB 3350: Under career technology provisions, grants tuition waivers for up to five years for the children of people killed in the line of duty, to include peace officers, firefighters, members of the law enforcement retirement system (dead or disabled) and emergency medical technicians.
HB 3351: Modifies provisions in the Oklahoma Certified Real Estate Appraisers Act, to include the addition of an appraiser qualifications board; effective Jan. 1, 2015, specifies applications for original certificates and current certificate holders on annual renewals must submit to criminal background checks; specifies when that certificate will be denied, to include felony pleas or convictions five years previously, or in the event of fraud, dishonesty, a breach of trust or money laundering, or failure to demonstrate good character.
HB 3352: Extends the time to file a notice of commencement of water works or requests for extensions to 60 days (it now is 30 days).
HB 3353: Creates the Statewide Corporations Act of 2014; shell bill.
HB 3354: Creates the Royalty Standardization Act; shell bill.
HB 3355: Under consumer credit, permits the administrator to decrease annual licensing fees on a pro rata basis for a specific period.
Rep. Ann Coody,  R-Lawton
HB 2679: Provides exemption for school employees who have completed criminal history checks, noting checks are not required for an employee who has completed a national annual history record check conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and who works in a before- or after-school program operated in a public school district.
HB 2680: Modifies teacher background check procedure for those who have completed a history records check from the OSBI and a national records check as a student teacher, specifying such persons only have to complete a fingerprint wrap-back check from the OSBI.
HB 2681: Exempts school buses from turnpike polls; also, state/federal law enforcement agencies, if their vehicles are those responsible for enforcement of traffic and general laws on the turnpike.
HB 2682: Refines provisions that allow certificates of indebtedness to be purchased through funding of certain investments.
HB 2683: Modifies teacher certification requirements for one-year provisional and standard certification to teach in areas of mild-moderate and severe-profound special education, expanding requirements to include someone with a bachelor's level college degree from an accredited university; issues standard certificate to someone who has completed a non-traditional route to certification and any examinations required to obtain that certification; specifies an individual who holds current provisional or standard certificates may satisfy the highly qualified teacher requirement for early childhood education or elementary education by completing certificates; specifies that to complete standard certification in early childhood or elementary education, candidate shall complete an appropriate teacher education program approved by the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation. Emergency provision.
HB 2885: Under the paid teacher internship programs, modifies the definition of a residency committee to specify providing professional support, mentorship and coaching; specifies the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation will work with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and institutions of higher education to establish a paid teacher internship program at each institution to provide mentorship and support for prospective teachers. Students enrolled in teacher education and alternative placement programs are eligible. Emergency.
HB 2902: Adds financial literacy to the eligibility requirements for students in the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program.
HB 2922: Allows parents/guardians to make student retention decisions: If the third-grade reading deficiency results (on which student retentions are based) are not available by June 1, the decision to retain a student shall be made on the agreement of the parent/guardian and teacher; specifies that if test results on any year-end test are not returned by June 1, students are exempted from the requirement to demonstrate mastery in a subject area.

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