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The greens and fairways of Lawton Country Club won’t be vacant like this in the coming weeks as golfers prepare for the Firecracker Open to be held in two weeks.

LCC ready for ’Cracker

Growing grass in Southwest Oklahoma in August is a feat best not attempted, especially with temperatures hitting triple digits for the foreseeable future and rain chances hovering around the same percentage as weekend warriors have of making a double eagle.

But that's the scenario Lawton Country Club faces with two weeks left until the first round of the 47th Annual Firecracker Open. There are still spots open across all flights: Championship, A-D and Senior. The entry fee has been lowered to $250 for the three rounds of medal play starting Friday, August 30 and running through Labor Day, September 1.

Players that do sign up can play a practice round from now until August 29 and what they will see is something yours truly wasn't sure was going to be possible given all of the trials and tribulations the Club faced in the first half of the year.

It started in the winter when the extremely brutal weather killed six entire greens and took chunks out of nearly all the rest of them.

Through May, the front nine greens, other than No. 7, didn't have enough growth to warrant playing the Firecracker on its normal Independence Day home. So the Club scrambled to come up with something so it didn't have to blow up the 'Cracker.

Plan B became buying bermuda sod by the truck load from Arizona.

In a stroke of pure luck (like me making a putt of more than eight feet) combined with the 17th wettest mid-May to mid-August period on record, it all seems to be coming together.

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