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Kitchens wants to attend OU, join Air Force

Elgin senior linebacker and receiver Colton Kitchens is pretty definitive about his college choice, saying that the University of Oklahoma is where he plans to go following high school graduation.

He said that while he isn’t certain about his college major, he is leaning towards majoring in history, plans to be part of the ROTC program at OU and then become an officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Kitchens said he has been an OU fan for a long time and grew up with a desire to join the military.

Kitchens said his love of the military led to one of his other passions, namely firearms. Kitchens said his first gun was a .410 shotgun he got when he was 8 years old. These days he prefers 20-gauge shotguns and said that he is really into skeet shooting.

Kitchens, who is also a Boy Scout working on his Eagle Scout certification, said he has been involved in several Boy Scout shooting tournaments.

Kitchens said he is on a tight timeline to become an Eagle Scout. He must complete his project within the next two weeks and finish his other requirements, prior to aging out early next year.

When asked why he wants to major in history, Kitchens said he has always had an interest in history, especially Roman history.

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