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Burglar leaves trail of blood from home

A woman burglarized a home on Tuesday and left a trail of blood leading back to her apartment, according to a police report.

Police Sgt. Bryan Bowles reported that a witness said she saw a woman with a crowbar in hand walk up to a neighbor's house and enter the backyard. Five to seven minutes later, the woman  now bleeding  jumped over the backyard fence, throwing some items over the fence with her, the witness told Bowles. 

The woman left blood inside the neighbor's home, Bowles reported, possibly from the woman cutting herself on the window she shattered in order to enter the house.

A trail of blood led police to the woman's apartment door, but the trail didn't stop there; the trail continued northeast of the woman's apartment, where another witness said she saw the woman "running down the alley eastbound with bloody hands," Bowles reported. 

The victim told police that the woman stole his quarter collection.

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