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Kidd will perform at Chianti Bar

Amanda Kidd stopped by the Studio Blanket/Tent Fort to indulge in mischief and music for this week's edition of "Today's Best Soundemonium ... for now!" with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist. An original number performed with the DJ inspired by her mom's attitude, "Feelin' Good" showed a bluesy rockin' side to this sweet songbird of Southwest Oklahoma. 

Following last weekend's performance at Oklahoma City's Delmar Gardens food truck park, Kidd will be performing off and on between 7-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights at Chianti Wine Bar, 5370 Cache Road. An original singer/songwriter, she's been playing solo for the past couple of years. Although she's performing solo, she's married to one of the best drummers in the state, Jake Bridges  so settle down, guys; the last name thing is for performance purposes. 

Along with Chianti, where she also tends bar and occasionally practices weeknights, you may have heard her this year at the wine garden at Arts for All or in Duncan at Company Men Bar. You can also catch her in an upcoming edition of the online program, "LateNite Lawton," where she will offer a performance and interview. 

A strong songwriter, Kidd's voice has matured and grown. She performed another original, "Lie To Me," that is worth keeping your ears open for. She's preparing concepts for a video with Shawn Barfield. He directed her first video for her original song "The Night." Filmed in the historic Mattie Beal House, it's a solid production to match the song: nAmanda Kidd  "The Night"

"He (Barfield) made my dreams come true," Kidd said. "He made me my first music video."

When you catch her live, make a request. Kidd likes to joke around, but she can seriously perform a range of songs. "So I covered Slayer the other day," she said before following up  "Just kidding; but I do get asked a lot if I know any Slayer."

Kidd said she likes to cover a lot of Jewel, Adele, the Rolling Stones, Lorde, Meredith Brooks and she's getting Prince's "When Doves Cry" worked out for her set. Another performance with Carr of The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" will be showing up on a future show. It was pretty cool. Learning great songs will only improve your ability to know what it takes to write and produce a great song. It's surprisingly rewarding, she said.

"When I perform, I know people love songs they know, so I had to learn covers," Kidd said. "One of my favorite things to do is cover songs and put my own spin on them."

"One night I was singing Adele in the bar and all the men in the audience were singing louder than me," she said. "It's one of my most favorite moments I ever had (playing music)."

But getting her original music heard is at the heart of Kidd's musical path. You can participate by being a fan. She has lots of original music to stream, photos and live performance videos on ReverbNation. Follow her music page on Facebook at Amanda Kidd Music. 

* * *

Just a few days after his birthday, Dave Laurence will be sharing a gift for music fans Saturday night in Medicine Park.

The singer/songwirter will be taking the Gone Fishin' Beer, Bait & BBQ stage at 7 p.m. Saturday. The show is free and all ages are invited.

"I'll be playing a solo acoustic show featuring tunes from my forthcoming album, 'Right Here,' and a whole lot more," Laurence said. "Let's have some fun  hope to see you!"

Laurence will be releasing "Right Here" with an album release show online between 7-8 p.m. Oct. 1 on It's an avenue he used to perform a New Year's Eve show to usher in 2017. 

The album, Laurence's third studio recording, signals a change in focus as he has resumed pursuit of the story songs that punctuated his early career in the 1990s. Two things brought the change, he said. The first was the passing of his dad last year. 

"I had begun work on a project of road songs when Dad's health failed and he finally passed away," Laurence said. "I reacted the way most people do: I became very introspective. A lot of lights went on. My focus turned quickly from the window to the mirror."

The second turning point came with disillusionment in writing "about affairs of the heart."

"I've been writing songs for 40 years, and I've said most of what I have to say about love," Laurence said. "Not only that, most sane people don't share the viewpoints that a lot of those songs express. I suppose going back to the story songs was inevitable." 

The first single, "No Comment," will be released soon and Laurence said it marks a departure for him  an anti-political song. It has a theme a lot of people could take to heart.

"I've never mixed music and politics," Laurence said. "The level of discourse from both sides of the aisle, particularly on social media, has reached an all-time low. The song isn't about what you believe, or whether it's right or wrong. The song is about wishing both sides of the aisle would just shut up."

If you don't catch Saturday's show, keep up with Laurence and his music through his Facebook page or website:

* * *

A pair of local heavyweight bands will be opening up for the Full Throttle Saloon experience Sept. 28 in Altus.

Lawton's Paid in Spades and Stephens County's Southern Heretics will join Drunk on Monday and high-octane legends Jackyl for a show at The Skate Place, 200 Todd Lane in Altus. This should be a hoot and all ages can attend. Tickets are $22 and you can get yours from members of Paid in Spades or Southern Heretics through their Facebook pages. 

Jackyl, helmed by the great Jesse James DuPree, is known best for the hit song "Lumberjack" and explosive live shows. If you've ever watched the Full Throttle TV show about DuPree's partnership with the internationally known bar in Sturgis, S.D., you know they take their live show up several notches. Few can play a chainsaw as an instrument. DuPree is a master: nJackyl  "Lumberjack (Live Full Throttle 2012)"

* * * 

Update: the mix CD from Andrew Laramie Brasier that keyed off last week's column was something great. Can't say that enough. Here's a couple of new (to me) tracks that take genres into deep waters:

nJonathan Brown & Roses on a Good Day  "Last Drink"

nBradley Hathaway  "G.D. (Flesh Eater)"

* * * 

Tuesday's death of country music legend Glen Campbell was tough. Although he long suffered from Alzheimer's, it still feels like a surprise. So many of his songs were early background to my life's soundtrack, from "Wichita Lineman" to "Rhinestone Cowboy" and beyond, that he felt like family. Take the time to watch the 2014 documentary about Campbell, "I'll Be Me," and give a listen to his farewell studio album, released earlier this year, "AdiÛs."

As great a songwriter as there ever was, don't forget Campbell was one of the best pickers: nGlen Campbell  "Gentle On My Mind"

* * * 

Enjoy a song that sums up everything at the core of the column. Sure, I love music from artists beyond our borders, but my heart is with tunes based on the subject of this little ditty: nViolent Femmes  "American Music"

* * * 

Since we seem to be at a really unpredictable place with the world these days. I hope each of you take the time to let those you love know it. You know, just in case but even if not: nREM  "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"

* * *

With Amanda Kidd and the discovery of a hidden gong, this week's edition of "Today's Best Soundemonium ... for now!" with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and yours truly, got a little bit wacky and what-not. Here's a little treat the DJ shared and I'm sharing it too: nJonathan Coulton  "Re: Your Brains"

Jokey McJokerson jolted all with his joke minus punch line. Here it is:

"Police are on the lookout for two hardened criminals."

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