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Filmmakers need in-state production

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)  The state rebate is nice, but Oklahoma filmmakers still have to send production-related work outside state lines, they said.

Filmmaker Ryan Bellgardt with Boiling Point Media showed his film Gremlin at deadCenter Film Festival on Thursday night. The movie was made in Oklahoma and used a computer-generated model that he was able to buy offline.

He's in post-production with a new movie, The Jurassic Game. The dinosaurs were created by a Russian-based team. He said he'd like to hire a few employees to create computer-generated models so he can produce movies more frequently.

"If I had the infrastructure to make more movies, I could," he said. "I've got distributors that are wanting us to make movies. I'm doing this at a pace that is slower than I would like with one film a year right now."

His films are especially popular overseas, with U.S. sales accounting for only about 20 percent of his return.

"An American audience might watch it and say, `That's weird,"' he said. "In Japan, it's huge. Even from the script phase of our movie, we're deciding what we can do to make it appeal to the broadest audience possible."

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