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Art council oil painting demonstration set for Thursday

Matthew D. Hughes will demonstrate aspects of oil painting during the Lawton-Fort Sill Art Council's monthly open meeting and demo Thursday at The Art Center.

At his demo, Hughes will finish up an oil painting of an animal he's been working on. Participants will be able to watch Hughes' process as he talks about his techniques.

"I think the art council demos are important because it allows people who are interested in art, whether it be actually interested in learning how or just interested in seeing how it's done just because it's interesting," Hughes said. " Ö I think it's important for them to get an idea of what actually goes into making a piece of art."

Hughes is executive director of the Leslie Powell Foundation Gallery and also hosts weekly watercolor and oil classes. In the watercolor classes, Hughes and the students paint the same subject while Hughes demonstrates and talks about different approaches the students can take to their paintings. He'll then walk around and help each student individually. Subjects often range from landscapes to animals and still lifes.

Last year, the oil class started with still lifes and then moved on to landscapes. Class members are now working with their own, individual reference material and painting at their own pace. Hughes will work on his own painting during the class, give pointers while he's painting and work with each student individually.

"We started with animals a few weeks ago," Hughes said, "and so everybody just brings in whatever reference they want and whatever kind of animal they want. I feel that's more appropriate with oils because we are spending more time on each painting, so I want them to be able to do something they want to paint so they actually feel motivated to paint on it. So we're covering that right now, and once we get to a point where everybody is about at the same pace, we might get two paintings done in a specific period of time. Someone might get one and someone might get four done; it just depends on how fast they work. So, once we get to another point, we'll switch it up a bit more."

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