On the morning of Nov. 24, 2015, Teddy Harrison of Carnegie was cutting hair at his shop, just as he had for 52 years. That evening he suffered a massive stroke at his home that paralyzed his left side.
Not a sound was heard in the classroom as the MacArthur High School students, each wearing orange earplugs, leaned forward to focus on what guest Chelsea Hall was saying with her hands. 
The landscape in northern Stephens County and southern Grady County has recently been changing in impressive ways  and impressively fast.
By almost any estimation, there's not much buying power in fifteen-one-hundredths of a penny.
DUNCAN - It's an American music form with roots that are cast out in many directions, but somehow or other it all comes together and makes you smile.
The Friends of the Wichitas (FoW) will be in business shortly.

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