OKLAHOMA CITY  Energy business owners, industry observers and environmentalists said they're optimistic an interim study will help advance an underused resource in the state.
Criminal justice measures approved by Oklahoma voters in November will take effect later this week, testing predictions that fewer people will go to prison and taxpayers will ultimately save millions of dollars.
A diagnosis of high cholesterol doesn't necessary mean an end to fun, tasty meals and a lifetime sentence of medication. While some cholesterol is necessary, many Americans have discovered  or will discover  that their cholesterol levels are so high, their health is at risk.
SAN DIEGO (AP)  The stars of "Teen Wolf" made a special appearance at Comic-Con Friday for an audience of one. Nine members of the MTV show's cast sat down for a meet-and-greet with 16-year-old super fan Sydney Lang, who came to Comic-Con with her family thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
The teens in the City of Lawton's summer intern program have been taking home more than a paycheck. Three of the participants say the skills they learned or built upon this summer are an important part of the plans they are making for life after high school.
Normally deserted on a hot summer afternoon, a swarm of high-spirited girls took over Arnold Park's old playground equipment in the pursuit of science.

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